Left 4 Dead Official Comic - The Sacrifice

This is the official comic for Left 4 Dead created by Valve. The Sacrifice is about the original Left 4 Dead survivors and what happens after the Blood Harvest campaign. This comic leads up to the Passing campaign in Left 4 Dead 2.

There are four parts to The Sacrifice comic series listed below:

Hope you enjoyed the series!

January Web Update

Happy New Years everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates! We have had some issues with uploading, but we have finally fixed the lightbox issue that was causing the images to not load. There have been new additions to the comics section for both Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2, some small additions on the website layout as well as a new web series, Bite Me, created by Machinima. You can view the entire season 1 of Bite Me by clicking here or by clicking the button on the top right menu bar. Enjoy!

Left 4 Dead Comics 22

This is a continuation of Comics Set 20, please read the previous set first by clicking here
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